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TypesCarpetGreenBareFeet198Nylon was the world’s first true synthetic fiber. It was discovered in 1934 by Dr. Wallace Carothers. He found a strong polyamide fiber that stood up well to both heat and solvents. Dr. Carother’s process, known as polymerization, would lead to the development of other synthetics, including Antron® carpet fiber.

Nylon as Carpet Fiber

In 1959, bulked continuous filament (BCF) nylon was introduced. This, along with Antron® nylon, introduced in 1960, revolutionized the carpet industry.

Today, the revolution in synthetic fibers is carried out by INVISTA – an enterprise firmly focused on the future. As the producer of Antron® nylon, the most specified brand of commercial carpet fiber, INVISTA carries with it a proud legacy of scientific achievement. It is the world’s leading integrated fiber business and paves the way for ever more economical, desirable and sustainable products for our consumers.