Fabrica Carpet | Room Scene Photo Gallery

By | April 14, 2014


Nearly thirty years ago, Fabrica was founded with one thought in mind…to produce the world’s most beautiful carpets.

The finest materials, state-of-the-art technology, and highly skilled craftsmen combine to create the carpet and area rugs that define our company’s mission statement… “Quality Without Compromise.”

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the products and people that comprise Fabrica International. We are dedicated to providing personalized service to our outstanding network of customers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

  • 207DL_roomscene
  • 522BK_roomscene
  • 89SY_roomscene
  • 312MT_roomscene
  • 516NU_roomscene
  • 202AB_roomscene
  • 209AC_roomscene
  • 205MR_roomscene
  • 750PR_roomscene
  • 206LS_roomscene
  • 211BB_roomscene
  • 510SH_roomscene
  • 304MA_roomscene
  • 307VA_roomscene
  • 402SW_roomscene
  • 200SE_roomscene
  • 305EV_roomscene
  • 513CA_roomscene
  • 526BI_roomscene
  • 700BL_roomscene
  • 67MR_roomscene
  • 210DN_roomscene
  • 404HA_roomscene
  • 601BA_roomscene
  • 57DO_roomscene
  • 515TE_roomscene
  • 802MO_roomscene
  • 600KH_roomscene
  • 400SU_roomscene
  • 313VE_roomscene
  • 401PA_roomscene
  • 302SB_roomscene
  • 511NI_roomscene
  • 751BT_roomscene
  • 311AD_roomscene
  • 315VN_roomscene
  • 701KA_roomscene
  • 850WA_roomscene
  • 31LR_roomscene
  • 853DG_roomscene
  • 403TO_roomscene
  • 309HP_roomscene
  • 752AR_roomscene

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